In recent years there has been a rapidly growing interest in food, design, architecture, interior design and the good experiences. People have better personal economy and want to experience more. Many travel to a big city like London to stay and eat well and get away from everyday life.


When you do this, you want to find the best and coolest places. We are probably not the only ones visiting London that experiences great frustration over the lack of knowledge of places to go, although the selection is vast. If you are just visiting for a few days, it is desirable to experience something special and memorable. So how do you find these places? Do you know anyone who has been to some exciting places, where did they stay, where did they eat, was it good, would they recommend it to others? How to figure this out in the endless jungle of places?


It is the hotel itself, the restaurant, the food, the people, the architecture, the interior or the design, the galleries and museums, and the music these places play. The places we recommend are well worth visiting. In our opinion, they are the best and coolest places with great food, from our perspective. Modern and slightly exclusive, but at the same time affordable. Our guarantee is that we have been there ourselves and tried them out - every one of them! focuses on the coolest places in London in form of short videos. The video clips are great inspiration and very useful for people who are visiting London and want to get ideas. We believe it is important that the video show the place as we perceive it when we are there. We therefore do not use finished glossy pictures and videos from the hotel's own archive, but always take our own, which convey our impressions. We recommend a place and show you a video, then it is up to you to decide if you like the place or not - in our opinion much better than to read a review or watch some pictures.


We hope that you will benefit from and that you would recommend us to others.