When you arrive at a hotel for the first time, you are usually bombarded with impressions. It could be the location, the architecture, the interior, the mood and the service of the receptionist or maybe the other guests in the lounge. This is further enhanced when you open the door to the room or wake up the next day after a good night's sleep in an exclusive bedding with good pillows before having a better breakfast. If the sum of these experiences makes you smile and gives you a good feeling, you have surely found a good hotel. It may not necessarily be the most expensive or exclusive in the city. Instead, it may be what you experience as the best service or location for your agenda - whether it's meetings, shopping, or just enjoying the good surroundings with cozy cafes or exciting shops.


In the upper corner of each hotel picture there is a direct link to the hotel's booking system. We recommend direct booking as the hotels here often offer more than what you get through a booking site. They usually guarantee the lowest price and are happy to add something extra if you order directly.